Hello and Welcome! 

Whether you are

A). A business wanting to "go digital" but have no idea where to start.

B.) A business looking for guidance on how to best optimize your current marketing strategies.

C.) A fellow PPC digital advertiser looking for advice.

D.) Anywhere in between!

You are in the right place ☺


My name is Alexis and I am happy to have you here! I am a Google Ads specialist that is eager to help businesses succeed in the digital world. I have experience with running Google Ads in auto, consumer services, e-commerce, employment services, finance & insurance, health & medical and technology related industries.  I thrive when working with diverse clientele and am eager to help business's reach their goals through Google Ads. 

I own a start up business that is centered around a mobile app for the Catholic community. I knew that the biggest area that I needed to focus on to have a successful global app would be to learn and grow in the digital marketing world. So, after I graduated from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, I began my career in digital marketing to soak up as much information as I could. The accelerated rate that I learned at and the successes I found within different marketing platforms for many different industries made me want to also open up my assistance to others. 


I started my experience in Google Ads when working for a digital marketing agency as a digital marketing specialist. That role "digital marketing specialist" was a job that expedited my marketing career as I wore many different hats for vastly diverse clientele.  I created/managed/strategized/optimized, researched /reported on campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft (Bing) Ads, LinkedIn Ads as well as with full SEO services all on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. I took exams, studied other expert's strategies and optimization methods, have a reddit group I started that helps me stay up to date with the ever-changing digital world. 

You may ask, "why Google Ads if you have such a large background in digital marketing?" My question in response would be- If you needed heart surgery, would you go to a someone who is a doctor or would you make sure they are a cardiothoracic surgeon? Unless you are crazy, you would need to know that it was a cardiothoracic surgeon operating. Same mindset goes for digital marketing. I have experience and stay up to date on general knowledge in all relevant digital marketing services and platforms as a Google Ads specialist. However, I only focus on Google Ads for my client's as I have the most in-depth knowledge and experience with Google Ads.


“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” – Mark Twain


My work ethic is identical when marketing for my clients vs my own business. Therefore, as long as my clients put in the work they need to, we will find success together.